Thursday, March 3, 2016

No Man's Sky release date set for June 21, 2016

No Man's Sky on PS4 

No Man's Sky will release on the PS4 and PC on
June 21, 206.

Gamers can purchase a disc or download code for $60.

No Man's Sky is a sci fi adventure game which lets the gamer explore over 18 quintillion planets due to the procedurally generated galaxy developed by Hello Games. The game lets you explore, trade, or fight as you fly from planet to planet. Newly discovered planets can be named and associated with the player forever. 

The game includes factions in which gamers can join, fighting for dominance in the galaxy and raiding convoys for bounties and weapon upgrades.

Those that like peace and not war can become traders, flying their cargo ship across the galaxy. Credits made can be used towards ship and cargo upgrades.

Every player plays in the same galaxy, events and actions will be noticed by all.

No Man's Sky

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