Friday, August 7, 2015

WalkCar - A new electric mobile transport that fits in your laptop bag

A new competitor will soon enter the electric mobile transportation market.

WalkCar from Cocoa Motors promises the world's smallest electric car that can fit in a laptop bag. Similar to the latest 2 wheel scooters like the IO Hawk, Phunkeeduck, or other self balancing smart scooters the WalkCar is controlled by the users weight.  The WalkCar has an aluminum shell and 4 wheels which makes it easier to stand on.

Currently, the WalkCar is a prototype. Cocoa Motors plans to introduce a kickstarter on October 2015 to crowdfund a consumer release sometime in 2016. It is estimated to sell for around $800.

Stay tuned for more information about their Kickstarter and future release.

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