Monday, May 25, 2015

The ADVENT Adminstration welcomes You!

In a world where there is no hunger, no pain, no sickness and no war. Does that sound like fiction to you? Let us tell you, it is not because ADVENT has created a community of citizens who live in this real world.

ADVENT is a safe community with 24 hour surveillance, watching and protecting its citizen.
ADVENT offers prosperity, and has built many City Centers to offer the best living units for the many citizens who signed up to join.

At the ADVENT Cities, citizens are provided with gene therapy to eradicate diseases and disabilities. Using DNA splicing, ADVENT offers an illness free world.

Revel in the happiness from these ADVENT residents.

"live a rich and full life." Jacob Roe
"still here." Ethan Mcintyre, M.D.
"my dreams." Nora Silver
"ADVENT is there." Andrew Matecki

Find out more on how to join ADVENT

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